Unfinished Business at the End of the Day

Endless efforts to fulfill my domestic role/responsibility/duty as a [woman, wife]

I know you're in there, why can't I see you? Am I looking to closely at what I don't want to see?
[Image of dysfunctional repeated theme]

[Image of unopened, unsorted garments, junk, paper waste, automobile fluid, yard tools, overflowing containers and wasted space]

[Image of uninviting, chore provoking dingy space]

Goal: to keep moving in a forward direction with progress toward finding function to reduce dingy, 'chore' inducing appearance of unsorted clothing and linen materials

Steam clean
Separate to eventually reduce unwanted or excess and unused items and properly store for later display

Getting slowed down:

[Image of container with things picked up to prevent the vacuum from being clogged]

Endless sorting

[Image of imagination set free, time saving, picture of written/ drawn layout effortless, dummy proof, correct picture image]

Who is this wreakless 'driver' I keep turning back to? How come when you are in control for a time I return to something mishandled and tossed about and disheveled?