1/16 What people were talking about this afternoon

During the most recent episode of the Steve Harvey show I was paying attention to the topic of discussion.   

Teens defend their contribution of exposure to sexual content online as peer pressure.  When a parent encouraged her daughter to stop using sexy pictures online, the teen described the competition for her between other classmates to post those types of pictures.    

When parents are acting responsible and taking the necessary precautions for what their children are exposed to online, teens should take responsibility as well.  For example, one guest of the show was a student who, alarmed by the blatantly obvious overexposure and desensitized nature of online communities, decided to  begin creating a documentary.  

Suppose the school systems, predator alert law enforcement, parents, TV/Radio personalities like Steve Harvey, and responsible young adults were not engaged and didn't pose a threat to suspicious activity online?  Isn't societal peer pressure pointing toward the greater good being discussed almost everywhere all of the time?     

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