At-home 'Luncheon'

In attempts to continue with my new years resolution I've considered the easiest and most inexpensive way to make the types of food I eat more available.
I don't like going to the grocery store it seems like until the cabinets and freezer are completely empty (bad habit) or I'm out of milk bread cheese or coffee

My idea of a meal isn't always the same as anyone else in the house. For instance Ill take a box of jiffy cornbread batter, add pesto seasoning, Parmesan cheese, frozen spinach, bake then wonder why I haven't thought of that combination before, and obsessively investigate what else I can create.

Banana bread is always a win. Using any low cal cake-like batter I like to add oatmeal flakes, dried fruit and seeds.

Will I ever be able to enjoy regular food again? Food that doesn't seem as if it should served at a luncheon or similar special occasion? Suppose with this newly found appreciation for smaller more flavorful food choices, I should pay attention to the beverage choices as well. Everyone knows yet I'm still learning how to pair wine and spirits with a dish to make a more complete and satisfying meal.

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