News, It Happens. Where's the wow factor?

Tuesday afternoon driving eastbound on McCormick road I noticed a plume of smoke drifting from the opposite side of the St. Johns river.  I pulled over into a left turn lane and snaped a photo.

Several miles later on the same road, I noticed a second plume of smoke while going over the Wonderwood bridge.  Since traffic was flowing smoothly I didn't stop and photograph.

Northside fire now estimated at 400 acres in size...and only 25% contained.

responding to large brush fire Pumpkin Hill Rd & Cedar Point Dr. Near Black Hammock Isl.

Unceremoniously I sent a pigeon out with an image attached about what i saw..

Suppose I was expecting a headline in the newspaper or at least follow up story of some sort.  All Ive found so far were tweets about fire engines from across town being deployed for support.  Im assuming that two different fires were burning on the North side of the river.

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Point A is the location from where my photo was taken facing North.  The second plume of smoke I noticed was from point B.