Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King JR: Skilled Strategist

My interest peaked after watching  this documentary on the Audience Network about #bridging-gaps in understanding.  This post is a summary of the notes I took.
Eloquently, @MackenzieGreen daughter of Earnest Green speaks about the misunderstandings of the civil rights movement timeline. This failing is echoed by the lack of engagement by her peers.
She describes how her passion is sometimes watered down by persons who choose to slack off and don't see the significance of this freedom and how it is attributed to the civil rights struggle that took place only 1/2 a century ago. Ms Green currently resides in Washington DC.
Admirably and with charisma Reverend Willie Bolden declared his position by saying I'm not a historian, I didn't read about Dr King, I'm not a professor. He simply recollected how unbelievable being in the presence of someone with crowd calming influence was.  Rev Bolden shares with us from personal encounters the man who lead with moral, personal and spiritual power that energized and brought new dignity to the people of that time.
Well educated, mild mannered Dr King lead by a strategy of non violence.  Dr King dreams and plans were supported by a steadfast community who knew he was steps ahead of them and where they were going.
Richie Jean Sherrod Jackson author of The House by the Side of the Road, met Dr King during her Graduate School studies at Alabama State. During turbulent and raging times of the movement her first hand experiences with the Southern Christian Leadership Conference are recalled from her home parlor that served as meeting space on several occasions. A true labor of love was described on an occasion when Dr King was dangerously curious. She was called and warned by someone about the threatening presence of a rebel posse drawing near to her home and wanted to escort her guest Dr King to a different part of the house. Dr King refused to move away from the window because he just wanted to see for himself, he had never seen them.

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