Taking a Lunch

Troubled by knowing that some individuals don't know when I'm paying them a compliment.  Like a dope I roll out of bed at 10 o'clock. Forgot my ambititons somewhere.  Probabally the night before when I was up until 4am trying to create them.  So what is this post about today?  I'll be a guest panelist on a pretend show.  I'm being asked my interjections about the 90 percent of college graduates that are looking for excuses for not stepping up.  How come corporate america keeps handing them their behinds.  Who is reading their blog and how come it takes so much time to get to the point of what their taking about.  How no one takes Craig's List seriously since they've been burned before.  Who forgot to get a recommendation letter?  Does that matter.  Box sing.  Box sing.  Box sing.  Creating enthrallment.  Am I talking to anyone.  Do you understand what I say?  Not where or when or how I blog but what I say.  I cant be talking to myself all the time.  Time to sync.  I caught a spelling error.  Sailor...not Sailer.  I'm obsessed with and complusive when given clues.