Sleep walking around the Capital of Purgatory

There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in the Capital city!  Dragging them out of slumber.  Trying to reason with them.  Distinguishing real symptoms of illness from an act.  Deciding not to let your reference point of  'super-nanny-best-girlfriend-witty-spouse-cheerful- patron aka mild mannered and well versed get hindered by imminent dysfunction and appearance of being rough around the edges.  Trying not to become unsatisfied within this environment by avoiding retail advertisements like the plague.  Making sure to be accountable for where you are at all times.  Being predictable. This is the answer to the question you thought to yourself "What's behind that emotionless stare?" When you caught me without an answer for the reprimanding question I couldn't respond to, "Do you know how much it's costing the taxpayers for you to carry on your agenda here?"

Why is it so difficult for me to manage this sense I have?  Recently on Dateline ABC.  A program aired discussing cultivating psychic ability.  When an explanation is needed for something that some may not understand, why is the source necessarily referenced to superstition, lunar activity or the outside temperature?  Unknowingly becoming the subject of study.  Self-worth is immeasurable.  

Disengaged on purpose.  Why?  Because words carry different weight different communities.