The Australians are here!

They're bringing truck loads of Vegimite, Fosters and enough excitement to go around while in search of a labor day weekend party to crash!

If you happen to notice a group of these drop dead gorgeous-fun loving- God fearing tourists, be sure to engage them in conversation. Not only will you be mesmerized by their accent, you may find yourself trying too hard to sound like one. Right where you need to be. Saying things like kryque for no reason, craving shrimp on a barbie, and declaring the line 'engaged' not 'busy.'

Spoke with an Australian recently via hangouts. He lives somewhere between Melbourne and Sydney on the east coast of Australia. He and I were trying to find the best translation for the French word Tout. The word has been used occasionally by journalists and caught my attention. An app with the name Tout has been developed; my first encounter with the word or expression.

According to him the word is used to shout, maybe somewhere like a horse race track. Or by an upset crowd.

Great talking with you Luke Petitt.
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