The relentless strike of a Fashion Bug

So many great deals were going on.  I couldn't resist taking notes while on this calculated visit to the mall. Trying to do everything at once isn't easy.  Didn't even have time to try on shoes or accessories. 

All the dresses I tried on at JCPenny were between $60-$95.  Of course the black sparkly one that looks the best is the most expensive.

The outfits started to come to life when I visited Torrid since the associate insisted I get out of the sports bra and into a real one.  Trying on tops at this store was easy.  The combinations are endless!  We started with a couple different blazer jackets, cardigans and patterned shirts.  

Starting from scratch to build an outfit, the intimate wear is essential.  As you will notice in some of the photos, Ive got on a sports bra...big no no! 

The associate attending the intimate department is who you want to make friends with.  This person will accurately measure your bust, helping you to decide what brassiere to try on.  I was mostly interested in the price points for each item.  At JCPenny the brassieres, tights, and control top form wear run between $10 and $60.