Too little Too Late: Looking for Answers in all the Wrong Places

Someone please explain to me why Windows is blowing spit bubbles at me constantly?  Who is calling my mobile without leaving a message?  How come the first thing out of anyone's mouth on the news regarding a Veteran has to do with the need for suicide prevention?

Have you seen the Tyler Perry movies Good Deeds or Temptation? How about North Country?  Do you ever watch the Investigation Discovery channel?  Have you lived through being wrongly accused by coworkers of infidelity or know someone who has?  What causes one to think they've been wronged and these sort of questions to arise?
I'm no longer on active duty and my marriage almost failed.  Believe it or not, the theme spelled out in these movies constantly playing out in a poisonous environment with no outlet I believe was an underlying cause. Its easy to bring work home when work is the same.  Its easy for a sense of superiority to develop.  It was the easy way for critics to single out a happy household when help was needed with financial decisions.  Disguise envy as camaraderie. Camaraderie is easily developed between men who don't have much in common. By trash talking their home life, by comparing their spouses who are completely different and targeting whoever is noticed struggling.  By trashing the rep of the young new attractive girl in their male dominated workplace.  "She's promiscuous" "She's going to get pregnant so she doesn't have to deploy."   she's still kind and mild mannered when asking for help or guidance on the job, "She's flirting. Watch her. She cant be trusted"

Now will someone please explain how to get rid of these spit bubbles?  Who is the jerk that runs vampirestat?  Who is calling my mobile phone without leaving a message?  LET GO.