Fantasy Gala Guest List

News anchors and reporters. The go-to voices in a community. Think Skype and G+ Hangouts are new concepts? These people are the original hosts of video calls. We owe these guys and gals big for what they do. Everyday they appear alert, concerned and interesting. Sharing the stories of our everyday lives. Here's a spotlight of the people I enjoy hearing news from. My fantasy gala guest list.

National: Melissa Harris Perry, Chris Hayes, Chuck Todd, Alex Witt and Mika Brzezinski with MSNBC Robin Meade, Natasha Cury, TJ Holmes, and Anderson Cooper with CNN/HLN

Regional: Micah Materre and Robert H. Jordan with WGN Chicago.   David Kaplan with CTLonCSN

Regional: Mike and Tara Barz, Lorena Inclan, Dawn Lopez, Julie Watkins and Tom Johnston With

Regional: Jeannie and Jessica, Joy Purdy, Lewis Turner, Chris Porter, Shannon Ogden, Ken Amaro and Steve Smith with

Regional: Don Roberts, Nicole Livas, Andy Fox, Ava Hurdle, Bruce Rader, and John Massey with