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Generation Um with Keanu Reeves paints a clear picture in the scenes he is walking along nonchalant with a camera. Capturing the essence of life around him. Visiting with myself. Laughing aloud at my own jokes. Fortune cookies.

Thinking about my tendency toward making friends my age, meeting their moms and then becoming the victim of 'mom-envy.'. We've all been there. Its when their mom is pleased with you. When you get embraced and treated different than your friend does around their own mom. I don't know why this happens, but it does. It creates tension in that relationship that is sometimes difficult to avoid addressing. Growing up I remember my mom being critical of some of my friends and completely the opposite to others. Being the dope that I was, relayed this heart-braking revelation to them was inevitable. No wonder I get mistaken as two-faced and stuck up as an adult. This mistaken identify sometimes works to my advantage in warding off undesirables. Other times it just gets in the way of connecting with new people.
Mom reads people like a book..glad I'm taking the reins by contributing to it with this post :)
Advice of the hour, you love your wife and love your moms!