Starting a Blog

Blogging has its setbacks just like any other hobby. When someone decides to take their hobby to the next level, some road maps for success should be researched.  Before diving head first into expectations of overnight success, simply decide what the theme of your blog will be.  Keep yourself on track.  Ask yourself some questions to get started.  Like these:

Do you write poetry? Are you bothered by the minimum wage discussion? Has anyone ever mentioned that you look like someone famous? Are you the go to person among your group of friends to solve a dilemma? Do you need to study some, allot, or not at all before taking a test to get an A? Is there something unique about your demographics or heritage? Are you a secret admirer? Are you looking foreword to a special occasion? Do people compliment you on what you wear? Do you play an instrument? What songs do you like listening to?  What food do people demand only you can bring to social gatherings?  Do you have a favorite radio station? Are you constantly taking photos? Do you spend time visiting particular sites on the Internet? Do you have a video game console? What kind of games do you like playing on it? Have you recently lost a loved one? Do you read magazine articles and/or book reviews regularly? Is your household geared toward following certain teams during basketball, football, soccer, baseball, hockey, etc. season? Are you an athlete, educator, or movie enthusiast?

Now that you've figured out for instance that- you like to snap photos during your daily commute to football practice -or- find yourself over reacting to the recommendations your friend gave you about a movie-Lets get ready to start a blog.

Take a moment to write down on paper some details about your existing social network profiles like passwords, screen names, email accounts and other log in information you might need to refer back to.  Having this info written down will save time later on.  

Now walk away.  Don't let your welcome wear off.  Treat your blog like a newly found treasure.  Wait.  Before you walk away jot down my page address and come back soon for the next installment of Starting a Blog!