Temperature Check: Glocal Education Systems

One night this past week while restlessly trying to find a way into slumber, a commercial for these programs helped me float away into a purposeful rest.
The notice was about an upcoming Town Hall hosted by the iconic Melisa Harris Perry of MSNBC.  During her regularly scheduled on air time on Sunday, the program would be slightly different. 
Immediately after the commercial ran I scheduled an opening in my calendar, reminding me to tune in. 
Education Nation's Student Town Hall and Teacher Town Hall http://www.nbcnews.com/video/nbcnews.com/53173781 via @NBCNews.com
The next notice was soon after about a new series to be premiering on the Sundance Channel.  The program Dream School, will introduce several at-risk teens.  Celebrity personalities are challenged to engage with the students and help each other become better global citizens and focus on Education.
So far the town hall discussion has the activist spirit in me taking a step down simply to gage what is really happening in schools versus what my rose-colored glasses have told me.  In bold as priority subjects the following topics have emerged: Charter Schools, Physical Education, Exclusive, Social Studies, Safety in Schools Post Newtown CT Tragedy, Bullying, Hunger, and Undocumented Students.
Are students given enough to feel good about?  When adult crises spill over into the everyday lives of our youth about finances and time management the demeanor of the students we are trying to work for and help changes.   We as adults need to learn how to disguise our struggle as an athlete would disguise his painful injury.   Parents co-exist that are rightfully proud and fearful of the system.  It would seem crippling for these people to admit a financial struggle.  How does the idolized parent break news to their bright child that the household is experiencing financial difficulties and a new budget needs to implemented at home?  Think policy. 
How do the idolized parents address the fact that their child has become or is the victim of bullying?  That their child isn't athletic or scholastically untouchable? 
Are products of these flawed environments able to excel in life as working adults?  Are they learning the importance of responsibility through their academic pursuits?  How are we encouraging parents and students to look beyond their current struggles to focus on a brighter future?