Starting a Blog: Using Prompts

Sometimes generating a logical post isn't always easy to do.  In this age of data being fed to us on every wave-length, we sometimes forget how important it is to create communication.  In other words, as information gets crammed in, something logical beyond a babble should come out. 
If you are purposely sitting down to blog and struggling to generate a post, try adding a subscription via email from the Plinky Writing Prompt site. 
The most recent prompts...well I'm currently too far away from an actual book to find the tenth word and google search it.  However, I am half listening to Tony Reali and Dave Kaplin talking about disappointing plays.
The last thing I was silently excited about involved applying my familiarity with video calling and the concept of a house warming.  Combining an occasion that usually requires a hand written invitation and RSVP, the details that make an 'event' special, with the chance to stay put and relaxed from the comfort of your own home.  Treating something that is always available as a special occasion was my recent experience with being excited.  Like a new brain child I get excited and wound up over. 
One luxury I should never or could never live without is the ability to make plans.  Making plans is taking an idea or dream or thought and allowing room for it to become tangible