Trivia Tuesday

Answers to Movie Monday questions:
In 'No Country for Old Men' We get to know the strange and somewhat pleasant cold-blooded killer in this Cohen brother's film.  The way the actors drew me into the story line as I flicked the channel.  All of a sudden I was zoned into the way a scene of a ferocious looking vehicle with an excessive number of beaming lights driving into horizon as a man runs desperately into the rapids to evade his pursuers.
In the Nolan Lebovitz film 'Tortured', the conflict between a guy and his exhausted girlfriend taking place in a high end apartment peaked my curiosity.  The grunge-leather wearing yet somewhat clean-cut guy bringing in a box of pizza.  The moment of silence.  How the actor and actress in that moment defined something so normal yet pivotal in the storyline created a sense of connection for me to the movie while watching.
Finally the movie I was really curios cabinet about snapped frames of this actor in a 1999 film 'Arlington Rd' directed by Mark Pellington and written by Ehren Kruger.  He was plainly driving a car identical to the one I own.  The illusion character in search of his child, his sense of panic/terror while frantically loses grasp of reality about his life.