Ear Say: Dropping Titles

Hillsong NYC
Pastoral Care
127 E 23rd ST
New York, NY 10010

Dumbfounded by this book I found. ISBN 1586852116

The enchantment of this place called New York has my heart set on perhaps exploring and imagining Christmas in this place. Are any photo bloggers available to catch some phenomenal seasonal stills here during early morning and early evening hours?
Perhaps one would explore the place called Morningside heights, and Grand Central. The write up describes a magnificent confusion of people in transit, congested with movement similar a brain.

Near Grand Central stands a place called the "Lipstick" building.

The city, according to this book, has more locations to explore than realistically possible in one visit.

The other text with #occupy757's name all over it has me quietly meditating and feeling bold and empowered enough to write this awkward display of affection, envy and misunderstanding.

ISBN 9781593155490.

Remember not to take the counsel you have for granted. Each and every person you are surrounded, unwillingly guided, and crowed by are a blessing.