Five years and six-hundred fifty miles apart

As mentioned before my brother's wife is well dressed. This was sometimes a bonus for me. I never invested into my wardrobe. Mostly because I was in uniform or pajamas to work out in and didn't need to dress up in non uniform clothes. She and I were able to share shoes, some pants, shorts or skirts and some blouses. I loathed her tiny frame. We would go rummaging through thrift store racks and she could fit almost blouse she picked up where my options were limited. She has an upside down heart shaped frame where Ive got a down pointing, boxy-athletic triangle frame.

My brother and his wife are always surrounded by decent people. The kind of people it was easy to let your guard down around. The sort of people I later expected to become engaged with online. Even before they became parents, they were the sort of people to throw a barbecue in the middle of the week and welcome their neighbors casually to show up for a burger and a beer. Those kind of times I remember the most.