Five years and Six-hundred fifty miles apart

Our times together started way back in 96 when I was a in the early years of developing into a cynical mean spirited writer, still in high school living with my mom and her youngest child. My older brother had moved away and joined the service. He had been deployed at least 4 times, met the future mother of his child and propelled through the ranks of unrated E-1 to Aviation Boatswain Equiptmentman First Class. Looking foreword to the opportunity to spend spring break away from home I found a way to get in touch with him.

That spring break was so awesome. Anticipation was heavy. I got off the plane at the ORF airport greeted by my handsome brother who could easily be mistaken as TJ Holmes and a woman with the most stunning, cat-like eyes I had ever seen in my life! I remember smiling and thinking 'she's the kind of white girl most black guys like: curvy, smart-with a sense of humor, independent and well dressed.' I didn't think she would understand womanizing humor at first and didn't want to ruin our first encounter. I was learning so much about my brother that I didn't know due to our age gap thanks to her. My brother is the same guy he's always been. He's the guy you've been dying to introduce to your coworkers at a social event. He's the guy you call up to ask for help with a home remodeling project you've got yourself in over your head. He is also the guy you don't want to disappoint.