Five years and six-hundred fifty miles apart

Over the next several years I graduated high school then decided to get a job in the service as an Aviation Electricians Mate. In 2001 I moved to Norfolk and was stationed there, right across the street from my brother for about 3 years. During this time I met my future husband and father of my future children. It felt so good not having to go through that stereotypical 'lonely sailor' time thanks to my brother, his wife and my soon to be husband. He was embraced by them and I was glad. At one point I remember him being awarded and advancing to a supervisory role. I was unable to attend due to prior commitments with my unit. With the same support and pride a service members family would show, my brother and his wife were there to celebrate this benchmark early on in my husbands career.

A long time passion of mine has been to write. My blogs give me this opportunity. Self discovery along with lots of sorting through the past seems to keep the thoughts flowing. With that, Ive decided to begin a series of posts that will allow me to share and mainly distinguish one time from another.