Reign of Rhonda: Roadtrip

From Clarksville to Belleville the overnight stop was much needed.  We rested from 3am until 8am.  The dogs slept in the car.

Stopped for breakfast in Codiz, Kentucky at a shell station for coffee.  I was in a good mood but spilled coffee in the other car putting the non coffee drinker into a sour mood.

Looking back, the notes I wanted to jot down while driving to keep me awake and engaged along with the 5MB of music I uploaded only lasted a few hours into the trip.  My mobile phone kept shutting off and I was growing furious.  The disgust was thick since my backseat was place for 3 fidgety dogs.

All the cool kids have the auxiliary or Bluetooth option on their car stereo.  My Honda doesn't so I improvised.  At the house I plug in my MP3 player to the stand alone computer speakers and unplug my ear buds.  The concept works as a substitute car audio system however we had more vehicle luggage than I planned for and the speakers didn't get fit properly as stuff was being arranged.

I was so exhausted from the cleaning and packing.  Remembering all the odds and ends; like putting a for sale sign up and tracking mileage and remembering to be pleasant and thankful just didn't come across clearly the first couple hours of the stay at our new residence.

Its like the remnants of this long exhaustive trip revealing itself as the oncoming of a bad head cold.  No matter how hard I try to fight or ignore it the more it wants to just run its course and knock me the hell out. 
Endless unpacking-frantic cleaning to keep the new place from getting trashed and carrying old messy habits.