#BLMchat #BLMgirl

Good convo starter! I'm sitting here trying to wake up on a Saturday morning, thinking on what I've got to get done today and happened to check my twitter suggestions when out pops the #BLMgirl handle.

First I'm going to say how much I appreciate the scheduling feature here in blogger. Its allowing me to do a quick mention and follow a new group of bloggers on their schedule by creating a post to follow along with using the recommended hashtag in the intro. Isn't +Blogger great?!

Next I want to comment on how much a lengthy post can benefit your readers. I sat here and said to myself, this is a post worth replying to. It looks like the contributor put time and effort into the post, added pictures, changed the font while the subject changed. All traits of an experienced and successful blogger.

I felt an instant connection! Maybe us 'shoe' ladies can benefit from a 'bag' ladies format. Very nice.

In RE: to the topic of discussion, I agree that new relationships offer something very special. Like a horizon, amazing and spectacular. Something to celebrate, cherish and marvel at.