Reign of Rhonda: BFE


Starbucks is one of the most amazing places on earth.  To my surprise the campus of SWIC has one.  I felt somewhat out of place upon first arriving here to BFE, IL.  According to Foursquare and unreliable directions from uninterested parties, the highlight of my morning on the weekend was becoming a trend of the past.  Then to my delight a very contemporary building was noticed from afar that a coffee shop by the name of Starbucks is within! 
This place reminds me of what South Campus would be like without the ocean nearby.  Kyle of Aqua East would fit in here nicely.  I miss the oceanfront.  The icy, well to do people.  The elderly.  Big Lots.  The Disney Burnouts.  Life was so much different then, or was it?  BFE is my home now.  BFE has my mind and heart.  We had some good times in the swamp though.  #VEGAS