#MovieTriviaTuesday Contest

#RedCross #TyphoonRelief

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  3.  The winner will be mentioned by the host of Blazin Ry Backstage during his live broadcast AND have a generous donation be made to the Red Cross Typhoon Relief Fund in their honor. 

First question: 
This actress is famous for philanthropy, being a foster parent and having a taboo sibling relationship.

Next question:
This actress is remembered for her unsolicited sexual advance on an airplane and stealing puppies.

Question 3:
This actor was the bad-ass in Breakfast Club.

4th question:
Provide the actress name and movie being described.  In one of her numerous wedding themed movies, this actress Co Starred with Jane Fonda.

Last Question: 
Provide the Release year, Director Name and Specific Location this movie nominated for 5 Oscars was filmed in: Blood Diamond.