Reign of Rhonda: Roadtrip

What was the season like I was blogging about during the drive from Fl?  What movies were out?  What were some priorities I had in mind.  I felt wealthy, why?  Empty rooms, stuff all out of sight.  Lots of potential, good energy, etc.
How come that newness seems to have worn off?  Time spent, different place, the gap between April and October.  Space invaders.  The distance and stuff and hospitality and accounts are all howling for attention.  The weather changed from mild and sunny to dark and cold.  Phones on planes and texting?  Woah.

What goes in must come out…

Like people were just doing stuff without needing me to tell them what to do.  I loved it.  Are people talking on their cell phones too much?  I don't know. 
Is there too much 'self-talk' should be the question. 

The kind of talk that happens when all conversations seem to be one-way and the fraction of interaction between two individuals seems to be muted and tuned out.  Like Kelly Ripa says, I can hear you chewing.  Where Anderson Cooper is horrified by bare feet.  I cant stand dirty window ledges.  Ive lost perception of just what being around someone else can be like.  that's what happened between April and October.  This consciousness is what is being shared.  This aggravation and adaptation.  A re-familiarization.