Reign of Rhonda: Uncomfortable in Abundance

I went through the house this morning.  Made a list of all the immediate items I'd like to replace and donate.
With list in hand I headed over to the Garden Ridge.  Cautious about the compulsive shopping spending habits I took the opportunity to window shop.  

Found a new app for tracking the food I consume.  The foodies are really good about taking pictures, making the meal look effortless and appetizing.  
Highball glasses.  Wooh pretty.  I like these water gobblets as well.  
Seems like a great place to start.  When I want to eat something regardless of prep time  at least it could look nice.  

These photo boxes look so nice on display.
Wall art at the store is placed nicely and brings your eyes up.  I was looking for a huge floor piece that would function similar to these.   

Lastly, here's a neat idea for wall decor.  I was looking for the window clings and came across these.  

The point of this post wasn't to make myself go crazy and upset about making my home look like something out of a magazine, but instead to remind myself of all the possibility that lies in rotating and decluttering spaces that are dwelling areas at home.