The Tracking of an Ill Bit

 re connected hifi system pondering what psychological behavior is being tracked by app data, how  her play is watched, possessed and tempered.

Operating within a soul rescue and restoration business. I believe I know what I heard.  Eye don't give a damn.   I'm noticing how my priorities change from day to day.  Who I think I am vs who I end up waking up to isnt the same.  For instance, with all good intentions I set a wake up call for myself last night intended to leave for the gym.  Instead I've found myself stuck in the kitchen baking cookies, being stared at by the dogs, wondering why I didn't anticipate the snowfall.  I may have become someone's shut in premature elderly aunt, granny, grandma or other similar entity.  Like I've retired and become the catch all for fun drama.  Trying to figure a way out of or response for being asked is there anything I could do for you?  In other words, being served in concept makes me feel old, shrewd, and undeserving.   

The act plays out as such, Know black culture cartoons and street talk.  Children,  females, dogs and possessions like  cars are all the same.  Offenses make money.    It's not what you feel but how your reaction is read. 

Tracking an ILL bit.