Reign of Rhonda: Uncomfortable in Abundance


When your familiar starts to get drowned out.  Remember that being happy, compelled, and enthusiastic are undervalued qualities.  News is welcomed, embraced then consumed.  Help someone in need that is found in a place of deception or addiction with an urgent message of hope and recovery.  Talking in circles gets dogged.  Lost coin parable.  High and Dry b/c no one who needs food and shelter want their heat stolen.  More play writing and framing casts.

#DIY #UpCycle #Recycle  Easter Basket Project


Try making these:
Blue Diamond cranberry almond treasure cookie recipie:

Now its time to hunt.  

Grab that bag of reusable eggs and use them as props at landmarks, season opener baseball games, at the gym, at Coldstone, Petsmart, on your TMobile phones, watching Fox Sports network, reading #TFLN expressionless, where you congregate, etc.  Think: Collecting BIG beads.  Find someone trying to take a selfie and sabotage them by being IN THE WAY GUY or GIRL.  Tag your friend lawn, windshield or office space with marshmallow peeps on a stick and get pictures. 
And lastly,
Don't forget priorities: pay that phone, internet and cable/satellite bill