Introduction to Virtual Volunteers

Through the rest of the year I plan on devoting a good part of my time to a new site I'm working on.  +Virtual Volunteers of St. Louis is page I'm developing to interact with the non-profit sector in my region.  So far the page looks like this from a mobile device.
Be sure to tour the site and give your feedback

Every week on Thursday and Friday a post will be published to the default landing page.  Throughout the week I will be asking for insight through twitter.  Already several users have mentioned and followed  +Virtual Volunteers of St. Louis through these channels:

I want to take a moment and ask a few of the people and pages followed by Virtual Volunteers of St. Louis how to further contribute?  Currently I'm searching topics online and reposting throughout Social Media.  Feel free to mention this post and tag Virtual Volunteers of St. Louis on Twitter.   

Interested in a YouTube collaboration?  If you are currently employed as a Stylist, Barber, Retail Manager, Animal Rescue mission behaivor specalist, Professional Consultant, Grocery Store Manager, etc or know someone who is, contact me directly. Only serious inquiries please.   I would enjoy seeing a collaboration idea beyond this region.  

Some of the organizations Virtual Volunteers of St Louis has been following can be found here.