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Closet check time..for me at least.  Forever trying to find something to wear and have trouble keeping up with laundry?  This post is for you. 

Starting with a basket of clean laundry that needs to be folded.  How do you decide what clothes go where?  Personally, I choose to keep most of my clothes-even teeshirts and pajamas-hanging up.  At some point I'll edit this post and add video as to how I am able to combine several items on as few hangers as possible for this demonstration.

Since I use closet space rather than bureaus for putting away most of my clothes, rotating items in the space gets done frequently.  Hanging up clothes properly saves time.  Clothes are ready to wear.  No need to iron if the system is maintained.  Closet rotation is important.  If you're using up all the hanging space with unused or seldom worn items, you're creating a bottleneck.  Cramming clothes into spaces might result in hardware malfunction and wrinkled clothes. Stop and evaluate the space you use for hanging clothes from time to time.  Underwear and our favorite t shirts have a shelf life.   

Do you always know what to wear and when to wear it?  More times than none I can be caught romping everywhere all day in something that I know should be reserved as pajamas only or just relaxing clothes.  Keeping up with laundry is the best way to have something pressed and ready to change into, avoiding the faux pas of being always under dressed. 
In this post we talked about managing closet space and I'm still looking at this laundry basket.  Laundry baskets are meant for collecting the dirty clothes and make it easier to get stuff to and from the laundromat or laundry area at mom and dads house. The purpose is defeated when the baskets aren't emptied and put back in their collection area-usually near the shower for me because the clothes will land on the floor otherwise.

Lastly, on rotating.  This is common sense but sometimes I should be reminded.  Instead of complaining about having nothing to wear, take a reusable shopping bag-fold up 3 or 4 pieces of unworn, gently used and clean garments and donate them.  Getting rid of something before immediately going to shop for something new will help keep you focused on where you're spending money.  Investing into your appearance by taking care of the clothes you already have will either inspire you or not.    

Manage spaces where stored garment are kept.  Underwear and tee shirts have a shelf life too
Get rid of something is the best way for some to know what needs to be replaced
Laundry baskets are meant for collecting dirty clothes and transport to washer and dryer
Leaving items in the basket that have been washed waiting to be folded messes up the system. 
I use closet space, hangers, and shelves instead of bureau for putting away most clothes. 
How do we spend money saved time and investment later by categorizing on how clothes are cared for is the next wardrobe Wednesday topic.