The Deviant

'Unlocked' by scavengers in public. The deviant plots different ways to expose themselves as a hero in situations created by him or her self.  The deviant chooses to lurk around and blend with like-able and respected peers.  The deviant is the first one blamed when something doesn't fit yet isn't always the culprit.  The deviant takes credit for anything going wrong or going right.  The deviant makes a point to embarrass anyone that believes they have caught him or her by laughing or indifferent in abundance. The deviant is directionless yet seems to be on point.  The deviant carries on beyond the life of the moment.  The deviant is roused by this.    The deviant believes themselves to be victims when taunted or glory given to someone besides them.  Beware of the deviant.  He or she looks just like you, likes the same things you do and your mom likes them.