Scrambled Eggs found Me

To renew living spaces
  To reduce tension
to change focus from who does what
 into what does or does not get done and why?
 To create an idea layout  for the exising furniture in rooms
To anchor and seperate one living space from another
 To complete and begin new wall painting projects
The only problem: I never expect these rules to stick or be followed religiously because i'm just not that sort of person.  Usually you find me trying to keep the fun in doing ordaniary stuff.  I don't like to feel like my cover gets blown cause my fun gets shut down too quickly after that.

Objective:  To award time spent on repetitive boring tasks like
folding clothes, washing dishes, walking the dogs, changing linen, cleaning and putting away dishes after a meal or snack
to avoid punishment for not keeping orderly
To reduce the ammont of time it takes to transition from small tasks to larger ones
to reduce the number of misplaced items
to focus on the bigger picture of quality  relationships involving home and work life
To find rythem to follow, add to, creating a system, prospective employer, some one, something or somewhere to be productive, engaged and happy

I'm impressed at the huge mess that has been left unattended and ignored.  Like a camp ground disguised.  Every countertop  in the kitchen area had been overtaken by open food containers, garbage and items that belong in the trash.  How funny.  :(  Caught my pride being messed with so much its not even funny to anyone anymore.  Doors left wide open and i wonder how i continue to stare at a car and lose my mind? 

Planning ahead:
Essentials for Holiday Weekend fun hoarding:
table salt black pepper
splenda ground coffee creamer
burger patties

Tips, tricks and How-To's im reading about

building pot and pan storage behind kitchen island

installing new toilet bowl seats

Embracing changes
I know this is a little silly however given the circumstances and sight mobility issues induced by the recent tropical storm, Ive been afforded the oppourtunity to do something new.  Since our dogs need to get outdoors a couple times a day to eliminate, I've decided to streamline a complicated process involving the leashing of our dogs to allow for them to eliminate, rather than just letting them roam the yard.  To build trust and reduce the ammount of fusteration that feeding, bathing and entertaining, my pets consume.

Schedule a brunch
fussing over the floorspace taken up in the garage by non used items.  On my kick again.
reduce the lackluster appearance of personal belongings-do I just throw stuff on the truck to make them disappear or try and add value by neatly folding unwanted clothing articles after laundering them?

Wear Obnixously high heels
to reduce the ammount of attention given to outward feelings 
to lessen an awkard feeling of home isn't a vibrant enough place to dwell or unsafe place to work from

Play Tetris!
to engage the need for restoration
to reduce the desire to sleep away life
to enjoy spending time on the floor
to value an opportunity to move upright
to reduce the ammount of confusion that disorder ensues