Who?  Job comes looking for somene and asks, Where are you?  How long will you stay?  How far away are you?  How long are your nights, days, and weekends?  For what will it take to spend you and your house money?

How do you handle raunchy humor?

Remember the days before you got the Internet at home?
No, but i do remember the extra long phone cord that reached from one outlet to all the other rooms.  I remember getting a pager when they were cool.  I remember making a voicemail recording with music from the radio.  I remember losing phone privelages and having to go to the payphone at strange hours to answer my beeper, acting grown.
As far as entertainment was concerned, the newspaper and tvguide magazines had tv listings.

Where's the most beautiful beach you've ever seen?
The most beautiful beaches are on private property.  Public beaches are best at night and not crowded.  Eh?

What does your desktop look like and what makes it yours?  Photographs? Fav Homepage? Jewelry?  Special stationary?  Snacks? Messenger bag?  Colleagues? Radio station presets?

What makes you roll your eyes?
Being stared at.

Are you a fan of rainy days?
Yes.  Less need for watering the lawn.