Earmarks: Invented Annoyances

Mass media broadcasts. Impossible to avoid. Like the damp, musty air lingering in a clinic waiting room.

I don't like knowing that pages I 'like' or allow access to on facebook are able to post as other pages I follow.

when I wake up and realize Ive settled, I hear a cranky vehicle driving down the street

when I lay in bed and visualize what Ive just slept to, I'm afraid of what machines do to me.  Feeds off me.  craves interaction.

I notice myself in the morning realizing that I'm on a beach hiding from people.  Afraid of being frightened.  Disturbed by how I frighten someone.

heard corn being thrown, feeding the birds.  The sound of a child's voice shrieks and says "Mommy, the birds are back!

Trying to make sense.  Been writing most of my life

Walking on my treadmill.  Remember noticing weeks ago walking on the beach.  With my dogs.  Go talk to a judge a voice says, then an apology.  Familiar face and older distinguished person

Earmarks annoy

How I'm vaguely blended into a greater working of some sort, translated to something else somewhere else.  Generating monetary assets like a dead force

Is there a connection between my computers and has  neglect developed since I unfairly spend time on the shared computer

Suddenly Ive realized a weight associated with connections online and feeds off me, draws on me, instantly accessing me when and where ever.

Tendency towards being overconfident, almost confrontational on my own when it doesn't matter, opposite spectrum with my self preset predetermined people living within a structured society, municipalities.
Making correlations between how I receive something and how its interpreted.

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