Set better examples to better yourself

Driving along on my way to find a spot to park for a time today. I thought back to the times I wish I had payed more attention in class. So many topics I want to bring to attention but my pen and scratchpad were not within safe distance to reach for. I Want to do better by setting an example of how to be where you are. Not being distracted and preoccupied about where else you want to be or go. My immediate initial thought to just stop at Destination 'A' to enjoy Destination 'B' to return to destination 'C' calm refreshed awake and ready to do what has to be done. To continue momentum. Somewhere along the way, this point becomes vague. How come i just cant seem to be less aware of what is going on around me. Even when there's not much happening?

Simple ways to observe Earth Hour in your area.  It only takes an hour. 1 hour for you and your household to partake in this Energy Conservation Observation. if everybody in your whole neighborhood, say 15 homes decided they would participate.  That would be 15 households that  have set aside time to spend away from their houses, having unplugged appliances from outlets, turned off the light switches, set the cliamate control theromstats. Fifteen households could spend time somewhere at a central location, coffee shop theater, corporate location that has also decided to participate in the Earth Hour Observation.  The impact and benifit would be reflected by lower energy costs, and more importantly bringing together of communities that may not have time during the week to spend meet and greeting with neighbors.  Who knows, Earth Hour Observation may just change the world, 1 block at a time!