Starting a Blog

So far we have discussed how to decide the theme of a blog and how to keep a blog alive. Now, lets discuss a couple other things.

Compare the idea of your blog page to the similarity of a company with a website. It took me some time to understand this fully. I knew I wasn't a store selling merchandise or a municipal district sharing information about licensing or how to report a down tree. I was simply someone who saw an opportunity to document and share some of my everyday experiences. I don't refer to my blog as 'my webpage' although that's what it is. That is where some of the confusion happened while trying to gain more followers- we'll cover that in a later post.

So now that you know starting a blog is like having your own webpage. There are several free blogging platforms as well as paid ones. According to this review, several blogging platforms offer free mobile apps.  Are you still wondering, 'Why bother?' Here are some statistics about social media engagement by other bloggers.  Try not to get too hung up on the details. All you need to know is if the platform is compatible and available for your mobile device and if you are able to generate a post offline. You don't want to have to whip out your laptop and try to find somewhere with WIFI every time you're inspired to post to your blog.

One of the cautions you should be aware of when sharing your blog with the world is the likelihood of being marketed to. Businesses want to make money by figuring out what we want and need. Imagine how uncomfortable waking up and walking outside with someone standing at your front door with a flier everyday. One day its a college recruiter pamphlet. Next day its someone trying to get you to buy security software. Another day you're supposed to sign up for the latest offers from a book club. Catch my drift? By blogging about the good grade you got on the exam a college recruiter wants to sign you up. Mentioning the most recent book you've read caught the attention of Amazon Marketplace, Books a Million and Borders. They want to cater to your interest by providing you their exclusive services.