Starting a blog

So far with this series of posts we have discussed: choosing a theme for your blog, how to generate posts, choosing the right blogging platform for you, and contributing to established blogs. We haven't discussed much about photography or video publishing yet.








It seems almost second nature to see these names doesn't it? If you want to learn more about how each of these platforms can be used for your blogging pleasure, follow the links. Along with the capability of your main blogging web page, adding photos and video is a common way to get an idea across.

Save time when adding video and pictures you've captured to your posts by using a SD card reader.  SD cards are like little disks.  They allow you to save photos and video from your mobile phone, camcorder or camera without needing to be logged into a particular site.  With a SD card reader you can upload the saved media files to a PC for editing and sharing on your own time.  The device is a USB plug and play reader.