Starting a Blog

During a recent hangout session, I mentioned contributing to established blogs. Suppose you and your classmates are required to participate in an extracurricular activity or given an assignment to make a presentation. During the course of the assignment or activity you could take mental brakes and recollect all the highs, lows and everywhere in between  moments that brought you to accomplish the finished product.  Like a report within the report or activity.

Putting together this series of unpublished posts, scheduled posts, or leaving posts in draft to be published later could open a door for you to become a guest blogger for your local or national newspaper, topic specific blog sites with paid contributors like the ones mentioned in this post along with others like +Writer's Digest or +Grist.  These publishers want to stay on the cutting edge of their business. By you showing your interest in them you just may find a powerful voice that you never knew you had. 

Use the Google Plus feature Circle share to your advantage for seeking out potential guest blogging opportunities.