The relentless strike of a Fashion Bug

The days have been counting down rapidly toward this special occasion I've been shopping for.  Questions like: What will I wear, what should I pack, and how should I have my hair and makeup have been keeping me up for days. 

Thank goodness I decided to start shopping weeks prior.  One thing I cant deal with is sticker-shock.  It takes away from the whole experience of finding just the right look.  The most important thing I'm taking away from this whole ordeal is that nothing is impossible.

Since my wardrobe hasn't been invested into for years I was having a terrible time deciding if any pieces could be updated to make a new ensemble.  Low and behold I dug up 2 skirts and a blouse from my non-existent wardrobe that would work.

 Just take a look at the wreck I was toward the end of this count down.