@KLGandHoda on the +TODAY show sweat it out for 10 days to bring us Everything Halloween!

For your at home Halloween party, Chef Ryan of +Food Rush TV created a special menu.
Chicken Bat Wings.  Fondue Desert Bar and the Trick-or-Treat-atini.

Looking for cool ways to decorate your office space?  Check out these pages for digital décor, photo stickers, screen savers and sound effects for your TV.  What if the reception area of your doctors office was tricked out with an MP3 doorbell spooky Halloween tune?  Cheer up your guests with personalized candy gift baskets and Halloween donuts from +Dunkin' Donuts

Style editor for the KLH on Today Bobbi D wore a classic Duck Dynasty costume.  Katlyn, Massie and Michale dressed in Black and White as movie or TV stars from that era.  Melissa, Mcayla, Jason and Mia dressed as Pull it together team.  Michelle and Mark were Candy CrushWhitney, Cameron, Andrea and Evan were in costumes inspired by the big screen.  Finally, Cj and Michael were Believe it or not Zombies.  All costumes were recycled and constructed from stuff around the house.
Some adorable pet costumes were showcased.  Bambino and Blake dressed up as Wine and Cheese & Crackers.  Howard the bulldog was dressed as Country Pumpkin with Farmer on the Dell.  Spike the boxer was dressed as Hot Dog.  Sadie was Marilyn Mutt-Roe.  Finally Remi was wearing an organ grinder monkey costume. 

Your local area zoo may be holding a creepy yet and educational tour of all animals Halloween related.  Ravens, Fruit Bats, Snakes and Black Cats are just a few creatures associated with this occasion.

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